Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Grange Stone Circle Lough Gur

Grange Stone Circle Lough Gur
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It is the largest standing stone circle in Ireland, 150 feet in diameter and enclosed by 113 standing stones. The largest stone is Rannach Chruim Duibh (Crom Dubh’s Division) and is over 13 feet high and weighs 40 tons. The entrance stones are matched by a pair of equally impressive slabs on the southwest side, whose tops slope down towards each other to form a v-shape.

A short distance to the north-north east of the main stone circle, is a second smaller circle, also constructed of large stones. To the north of this is a large leaning standing stone.


Surprisingly easy to find, has parking on both sides of the road and is free to enter and enjoy. They ask for a donation to help maintain the fence.

The circle is complete, there are stones or stone remnants at every point. It’s a cool and calming thing to see.

We are happy we made the stop. The Lough Gur heritage Centre is 5 minutes down the road.

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